About Shelley

Shelley Phillips has a Masters of Music from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. She plays and tours with The Anjali Quartet and The Coulter/Phillips Ensemble, performs as a duo with her husband, Barry Phillips, sings Shape Note music, and has collaborated with Rumi translator and poet Coleman Barks making two albums of poetry and music. Shelley has appeared on more than 20 albums on the Gourd music label, including her solo albums The Fairie Round, Pavane, The Butterfly, and The Wood Between the Worlds, as well as a duet album with Barry called Wondrous Love. She also has recorded music of the Shakers and produced a benefit album, Verdant Groves, for the Shaker village museums. In addition she teaches at several other summer programs, including founding the Boxwood Flute Festival’s children’s, teens’ and seniors’ programs in Nova Scotia and teaching music related crafts at various primitive skills gatherings in the west.

Shelley also works as a music director within the Episcopalian church and is the founder and former executive director of Community Music School of Santa Cruz, where she runs Celtic Camps for children, teens and adults, concerts, workshops, and other programs. She lives on the foggy California coast with her husband and her very spoiled cat.

Shelley Phillips Headshot